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Real estate transactions involve a number of legal and financial issues that must be properly understood and accounted for prior to the finalization of a deal or refinancing arrangement. At the law office of Thomas B. Orr, I work closely with clients in order to identify exposure to certain kinds of liability contained in a purchase agreement, contract, or refinancing arrangement. As your attorney, my primary concern is preventing you from agreeing to terms and conditions that could create future legal difficulties or leave you financially responsible should a deal fall through or a piece of property have environmental or physical problems. I also take care of title searches, liens, inspection matters, zoning issues, and other practical pre-sale items to relieve my clients of a number of small responsibilities.

Protect your real estate investment or home purchase – contact real estate attorney Thomas B. Orr today and schedule an appointment to discuss how I can help you.

Real Estate Issues and Concerns

The law office of Thomas B. Orr represents clients in regard to the following real estate matters:

  • Residential real estate issues
  • Home closings
  • Zoning issues
  • Non-disclosure issues
  • Refinancing concerns
  • Title and deed disputes
  • Loan modifications

Working with a Real Estate Lawyer instead of a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are typically compensated through commission paid on real estate purchases or sales. As a result, as a closing approaches, an agent may be less inclined to bring up issues that could jeopardize the sale or purchase of a home or piece of property. Additionally, most real estate agents are not attorneys and must rely on the legal advice or standard procedures provided by his or her agency’s legal department. Consequently, legal issues such as mediation clauses, buy out provisions, financial liability exposure, or title concerns may receive little if any explanation or attention.

As your attorney, I am committed to protecting your interests. I do not have a commission to protect or a sales forecast to meet. My only concern is in advising you of potential problems in regard to contract language, financial agreements, and your rights as a buyer or seller in regard to your real estate transaction. If there is a problem that could jeopardize the sale, I believe it is my duty and obligation to identify it and explain it to you. I won’t sweep potential problems under the rug just so a real estate transaction can go through.

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A real estate investment represents a substantial amount of money. I can help protect your investment and your interests at every stage of the process. To schedule an appointment to discuss how I can help you, contact the law office of Thomas B. Orr, Esq. today.

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